Fake cop dialing for dollars

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – Instead of using a blue light and stopping people on the side of the road, Craighead County sheriff’s investigators say a fake cop is calling his victims on the phone.

Since Monday the sheriff’s department has received two reports of someone claiming to be from their office asking for money.

The first victim said a man identifying himself as “Sgt. Murray” called him Monday night and said he had warrants on the victim’s wife and wanted to “meet with them to get the warrants taken care of,” the incident report stated.

The victim told detectives he hung up the phone. On Tuesday morning he received another call. He hung up again and called the sheriff’s office.

A woman reported she had also received a phone call from a man identifying himself as “Lt. Ken Bailey.”

She said the man told her she had missed jury duty and a warrant had been issued for her arrest.

The suspect told the woman to go to a local grocery store and get a Next Send card in the amount of $1,286.86 then call him.

The woman did not get the card. Instead, she called the sheriff’s office.

According to the police reports, both victims received calls from (870) 680-3693. Region 8 News called the number. It has been disconnected.

Cpt. Justin Rolland told Region 8 the sheriff's department will never solicit payment for a warrant over the phone.

"Anyone who has a warrant out for their arrest will receive a letter in the mail advising that person that there has been a warrant issued for their arrest," he said. Along with that letter will be contact information that they can contact to verify whether or not the warrant was valid or not."

Rolland said no one ever paid the fake deputy.

The sheriff's department is urging anyone who is contacted by the fake deputy to file a report.

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