Jonesboro Ranked 67th on Best Performing Cities List

November 19, 2004 -- Posted at 7:00 p.m. CST

JONESBORO -- Jonesboro might be considered a small town but the city has received the ultimate recognition for its rapid growth.

The Milken Institute has ranked the City of Jonesboro 67th on the Best Performing Small Cities list.

The small town of Jonesboro reflects large growth as the community works together to make a change.

President of the Jonesboro of Commerce, Henry Jones, says, "We have found that competitors in local business have put competitiveness aside in order to get the job done. They don't care who gets credit for it as long as we attract new industries."

Jonesboro has begun achieving its goal by attracting large businesses such as Nestle.

"We're expanding our horizons. We're looking beyond just food processors and widget makers. We are looking into high tech jobs and higher paying jobs," Jones says.

For this vision, the City of Jonesboro has received Milken recognition.

The Milken Institute bases its ranking on economic performance and a metro area's ability to create and maintain a large number of jobs.

Along with jobs, the surroundings are efficient for growing families.

"We have the mix with the University and the Medical Centers. We really have a great set-up here," Jones says.

With rapid growth in population, largely due to industry jobs in the area, people are considering Jonesboro more than just a small town.

"People look at growing areas as places who have the labor force and all the ingredients-- dying areas don't," Jones says.

As for the future of Jonesboro, city officials expect the best.

"The best is yet to come. We've just scratched the surface," Jones says.