Mother finds boy after he was hit by lightning strike

Mother finds boy after he was hit by lightning strike


(KAIT) – A boy was killed by a lightning strike Tuesday night in Mississippi County, according to Mississippi County Sheriff Dale Cook.

Cook told Region 8 News that Steven Sheppard, 16, was hit by lightning when a severe storm blew through the area at about 8:00 Tuesday night. Cook said first responders in Etowah responded to the scene at 887 State Highway 136.

"It's just like one of our own children cause he's been here with us all of his life," said Pastor Alvin Wilbanks of Carroll's Corner Lord Jesus Christ Church in Etowah. "He had a great spirit and he always wanted to help the elders around the church, help them up the steps and down the steps and around."

Police Chief Joseph Riney arrived on the scene and saw paramedics busy at work. Riney said they performed CPR on Sheppard all the way to the hospital.

According to Cook, Sheppard’s mother said she was working at the church next door from their home when the lightning started. As the storm approached, she ran to their home to take cover. When she turned around, she noticed her son was missing.

She found her son face down under a tree behind the church. Steven was pronounced dead at an Osceola hospital.

The wake for Steven Sheppard will be Wednesday evening and the funeral will be on Thursday at the church. 

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