Business owners speak out on Gee St. crime

Business owners speak out on Gee St. crime

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Two robberies on Gee Street within the last week raise question on whether or not businesses located in that area feel safe.

Co-owner of Divine Wisdom Prophetic Ministries on Gee Street, Jessie Moore told Region 8 she feels safe in that area but always uses extra precaution.

"We check the security of the doors. We make sure all alarms are on and we make sure when people leave they leave safely, because we have a lot of children here. If they're not leaving in groups we take them home ourselves," Moore said.

Some of the businesses in the area said they watch out for each other, especially at night when they're closing up.

"The business that's across the street some of their cameras view over here and some of our cameras view over there," said Moore. "I think that's very important that we not only look out for each other by eye but with cameras."

Owner of Anointed Hands Salon and Spa, Shera Smith is located just a few doors down. She agrees that it is all about watching out for one another.

"They're usually open late so they usually look out for me if I'm here really late," Smith said.

A walk-in sign hangs outside her door but only until a certain time for safety.

“We don't have anyone just walking in late,” she said. “After a certain time we just shut it down and if we're still here we'll just lock the door.”

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