Local propane company offers Fourth of July grilling safety tips

Local propane company offers Fourth of July grilling safety tips

PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT) - Many in Region 8 will be lighting up their grills as part of the Fourth of July festivities.

But before they do, a local propane company has several reminders.

"As far as lighting a grill, that's probably the most dangerous part of it is to not try too long at a time," said Island Energy president Hardy Thompson.

Thompson said try to light a grill for ten to 15 seconds and if it does not light, turn the gas off and wait.

"Don't be impatient because propane is heavier than air and it will catch in a grill that would cause a flash and that can be a problem," Thompson said.

Thompson said another issue is dirty grills.

"That can cause flare ups and get out of hand pretty quickly," Thompson said. "It would be handy to have a fire extinguisher available in case that happens."

Thompson also reminds barbecuers, both amateur and expert, to check fuel lines on a regular basis.

"Each time they use it and turn their gas on, they need to spray Windex or some kind of soap water solution on it to make sure there's no leaks," Thompson said. "That's the main thing that can cause a problem to happen with a barbecue grill."

Thompson fills all propane tanks by weight, which is not only a state requirement but a guarantee that the tanks will not overfill.

However, Thompson said it is important to know the smell of gas in case something would go wrong.

"I wouldn't say that it's easy to mess up, but there are multiple ways for you to get caught off guard if you're not familiar with propane gas," Thomspon said.

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