Rain floods Region 8 farmers' crops

Rain floods Region 8 farmers' crops

CROSS COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - The recent heavy rain in Region 8 has drowned farmers' crops.

Andy Boone of Crossruff Farms in Cross County estimated of the 2,000 acres of soybeans he has planted, 1,400-1,500 acres of the beans are underwater.

“We got through planting it and about three days later it rained about 10 inches," he said. "It's probably about knee-deep out there in spots."

Crossruff Farms plants and harvests rice, corn and soybeans.

"Most of the rice will go to independent buyers. We'll sell beans also to people like Riceland."

According to estimates sent to Governor Mike Beebe's office and the U.S. Agriculture Department on Tuesday by the state Agriculture Department:

· Prairie County had 5,000 acres of soybeans and rice flooded

· St. Francis County had 15,000 acres flooded -- mainly soybeans, some cotton, corn and sorghum

· Woodruff County had 15,000 acres of soybeans flooded

· Monroe County had 15,000 acres of rice, beans and corn flooded

· Cross County had 15 to 20,000 acres of soybeans flooded

Boone said severe weather has delayed his crops for about the last six years. This year the rain has made it almost impossible to profit from the soybeans.

"More than likely they'll die so we'll have to replant. They were already late. Now they're really going to be late, which is going to cut probably our yields around 10 or 15 bushels per acre."

The yield decrease means Boone will have to spend an extra $300,000-$400,000 to replant.

"Basically we're spending more. So to suppliers it's going to help, but for us it cuts into our pocketbook because we're already running under a thin margin now."

Boone is in the process of trying to save what he can.

"This water is going to be here at least until Monday or Tuesday before it even goes down," he said.

"We've got relifts running right now to try to get the water off as fast as possible. We have a corn field and we have some soybeans that are actually out of the water and we're trying to keep them off of that so they won't die."



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