Clover Bend Historic Site Hosts Old Fashioned Hog Killing

November 20, 2004--Posted at 5:00 p.m. CST

CLOVER BEND--This was probably something these kids have never seen done before.

"We just wanted to kill a hog, and clean it, and show the public how it done back in my time,"said Ceburn Christopher.

"My family, growing up, was always butchering hogs, so it wasn't nothing new to me,"said one visitor.

So for many of the young kids out here today, this was a brief history lesson on how life used to be, opening young eyes to an old way of life.

"If you didn't, why a lot of these youngsters wouldn't know how it was done, or how it got in our supermarkets,"said another visitors.

In the early and  mid nineteen hundreds this was a multi-family event, as well as a social gathering in the community.

Countless hours were spent preparing for a very large task.

"Well, about the first good cold day, why people would kill em' a hog, just one though.  Then they could wait on into the fall or winter, and kill 7, 8, 10 of em' and put them up in a smokehouse,"said Christopher.

A flood of memories return as visitors to the Clover Bend Historic Site relive a part of their childhood.

Back to the days when "going to town" just a few miles up the road took all day long, what you had, is what you earned,  and when you sat down at the dinner table at night, the food you ate, was grown just outside your back door.