Signatures submitted to bring vote on alcohol sales, minimum wage hike to AR

LITTLE ROCK, AR  (KAIT) – Our Community, Our Dollars, an organization trying to get an alcohol initiative on the November ballot has filed at the Arkansas Secretary of State's Office. If successful, voters will choose whether to make Craighead County wet or dry.

According to a release from the organization, nearly 21,000 people signed a petition in Craighead County, while another 26,000 people signed the petition in Saline County. If approved, the issue would be placed on the ballot on November 4, 2014.

The county clerks in both Craighead and Saline Counties will now review the signatures and validate each one within ten days.

According to state law, at least 38% of registered voters in a county must sign a petition to get an issue on the November ballot. Our Community, Our Dollars said 20,000 signatures are needed in Craighead County.

"Our primary objective with this campaign is to allow the residents of these counties to be formally heard on an issue that hasn't been voted on in decades," said Marshall Ney, spokesperson for the group. "Much has changed over time in these counties and their individual communities, including population growth and increased economic development. We would like to see these counties have the opportunity to keep more tax revenue in their communities. The more tax revenue they ultimately receive, the better equipped they are to fund key services and amenities, such as police, fire, EMS, roads and parks."

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