Finding safety during storms

Finding safety during storms

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Safe rooms are essential here in Northeast Arkansas with the amount of severe weather we have.  However, some counties fall short in having a safe place for people to go when severe weather strikes.

Craighead county is one area of Region 8 that is on top of the game for having a safe place for the community to go.

Office of Emergency Management Director in Craighead county David Moore said, "Most of the schools have safe rooms in them, we have one in Lake City, there are a few here in Jonesboro."

Moore said it is important that the citizens have a safe place to go and that there is more to be done.

Moore has a plan set up to be sure that as many safe rooms can be put in the ground around Craighead county as can be.

Moore said, "What we do is we put the plan together and that way we can have it laying there on the table, so if the money comes available then we can move in on it right then."

Moore said that the growing population in Jonesboro has presented a new issue and that is the fact that they need even more safe rooms, even though Craighead county currently has the most safe rooms in Region 8.

With Craighead county saying they need even more safe rooms, some counties don't even have half of what Craighead county has.

Craighead's neighbor to the north, Greene county, is one of them.

Greene county only has one safe room set up for the community and it is set up at Marmaduke high school, not even Paragould has a safe room set up.

Greene county's Director of Emergency Management Shelly Hood said, "Some of the schools have approached me about doing some storm shelters, some of our local schools."

Moore said that most of the safe rooms in Craighead county are located in schools, so Hood's want to get the safe rooms located to a school is a good start but there is a lot of work to be done before that is possible.

The problem to getting more safe rooms added in the county is money.

Hood said that it comes down to FEMA and how much money they are willing to give.

If you don't have a safe place to go when the weather gets rough contact your county Office of Emergency Management to find out the closest safe room to you.

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