Jonesboro businesses oppose moving ASU football game to Busch Stadium

Jonesboro businesses oppose moving ASU football game to Busch Stadium


Arkansas State University is considering moving the 2015 home game against Missouri to Busch Stadium after the St.Louis Sports Commission offered the school millions of dollars.

Local business owners hope the game is played at home to give them a boost in revenue. The Design Shop owner, Hoppy Hoffman said not only will ASU benefit from this home game but the Jonesboro economy as well.

"Jonesboro deserves it, the city deserves it, the fans deserve finally some big games," Hoffman said. "It's going to be a lot larger crowd, the store will be packed starting at 8 o'clock that morning until game time."

His said their business depends on "big" football games like this one. The St. Louis Sports Commission is offering the school up to $3 million dollars to play the game at Busch Stadium.

"If we need revenue maybe we need to get out and find other sources of revenue with hitting larger corporate sponsors," Hoffman told Region 8 News.

Other businesses would also benefit from this home game. Wings to Go has a concession stand at ASU home games.

"I'm sure everybody in Jonesboro wants that game here," said Wings to Go Manager, Chris Weaver. "We won't have as many people coming to town as what we normally would."

Although businesses oppose moving the game, some ASU fans are looking at the benefits of such a lucrative deal.

"If I look at just the money, definitely move it," said ASU Touchdown Club member, Mary Masterson."With everything that we are wanting to do for Arkansas State and for Arkansas State Athletics, we really don't have a choice."

The Red Wolves and Tigers will play on Saturday, September 12th.

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