Mosquito war continues in Jonesboro

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The city of Jonesboro is currently on the losing side of a war with mosquitoes.

Mayor Harold Perrin said the city pays Vector Disease Control almost $420,000 every year to keep the mosquito population under control.

"It was nothing and then all of a sudden, 'Boom!' It hit," Perrin said. "We've got a mosquito problem right now and we've got to take care of it."

Vector employee Tom Royals said t

he main problem is water. The torrential rain the city experienced the past several months created a breeding frenzy for mosquitoes.

"As long as the water was moving, we were fine because it was washing them away," Royals said. "But once that water stops flowing, they start growing. It could be anything as small as a bottle cap. If it's holding water, they can make mosquitoes."

However, Royals said Vector is determined to win this b

attle against the bugs. The company is using a

stronger chemical spray and added two extra trucks in its arsenal. It

also sprays the city with up to five area flyovers every year and puts tablets in ditches to stop mosquito breeding.

"We'll be doing this until September, October," Royals said.


oyals said the company tries spray the worst areas first, b

ut right now, that's everywhere.

"This year's been very bad," Royals said. "H

ere's what I recommend: stay inside."

Vector received more than 40 service requests by 11:30 Wednesday morning.

"They'll be more coming throughout the day," Royals said.

In the past five days, Vector completed hundreds of service requests to individual homes.

That does not count the company's regular zone trips to neighborhoods, parks and more.

"The number we're getting in, it's impossible to do everyone that night," Royals said. "J


t be patient. We'll eventually get to your neighborhood."

Mayor Perrin said the mosquito problem would be even worse if the city did not invest in a pest control service like Vector.

"It would be extremely difficult because where we're at with agriculture and the rice fields and things like that you're going to have a heavier population of mosquitoes," Perrin said.

Mayor Perrin will meet with Vector next Monday to see what more the company can do to cut down on the mosquito problem.

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