Rubber field laid down at Miracle League field

Rubber field laid down at Miracle League field

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Major work on the Miracle League field in Jonesboro began on Thursday.

Workers began laying down the surface for the field. It will be rubberized, making it handicapped accessible.

Miracle League Softball Coordinator, Sharon Turman said she's watched special needs children watch their siblings play ball and not be able to participate. But, that will soon change. "This will give every child an opportunity, no matter what their special need is to get out and play the sport of baseball," Turman said.

Turman said this field will have a positive effect on the lives of many kids. "Whatever keeps them from playing in a regular sports league, this ball field will be for them. The playground is an all inclusive playground for all children, but any child in a wheel chair will be able to access any piece of that equipment."

While the field is another step closer to completion, there is still work to be done. On Friday, you have the opportunity to help out the Miracle League field by "Giggin' for a Miracle."

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