Floods wash out Fair Oaks

Floods wash out Fair Oaks

FAIR OAKS, AR (KAIT) - At least a foot of water still surrounds homes and farmlands in Cross County, a week after flooding began there.

Friday brought even more rain and a new flash flood warning in the same area.

The state has issued a disaster proclamation for the county.

Cross County Judge Jack Caubble estimates more than 5,000 acres of farmland are still under water and homeowners are in the same boat.

"We just got to where we can come out of our front door without boots on and that's been three weeks," said Fair Oaks resident Donald Denton.

Denton said during that time, Fair Oaks got about 13 inches of rain and on one of those days, four inches in 45 minutes.

"You can look at my yard and see it killed everything," Denton said. "There wasn't anything visible. No grass, nothing. The only thing that was sticking out was just a little bit of the concrete right there at my front door and if you walked up to the door, it would come in the house."

Denton said luckily his house did not flood but his street, County Road 509, did.

"You wouldn't be back in here right now," Denton said. "From the highway up to the tracks was probably anywhere from a foot and a half to two feet deep. You couldn't see anything. It doesn't take much now. The ground's saturated and it doesn't have any where to go."

"Drainage is a problem," Caubble said. "We need some of our major drainage ditches cleaned out and that's a process that takes a lot more funds than the county can come up with."

The county has asked for help from the state and federal levels. Judge Caubble surveyed county roads Friday with the Arkansas Department of Emergency Management.

"Hopefully we'll be able to get some funds there," Caubble said.

Judge Caubble said he should find out next week if the county will receive disaster relief funds.

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