Police warn of social media dangers

Police warn of social media dangers
(Source: KAIT)

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)- Jonesboro Police are telling people to be careful what they put online. On Friday, a Jonesboro woman posted her cell number on Facebook and started receiving threatening texts from an unknown number.

According to the police report, 35-year-old Tabitha Davis received alarming text messages Friday morning  from an unknown number after posting her phone number on Facebook. The texts were threatening to harm Davis and her daughter.

When it comes to posting personal information online, Sgt. Jon Redman with JPD said they are more likely to see this behavior in teens.  So Region 8 News asked: What is the appropriate age for kids to be online?

"They should be supervised until they're adults," said Tommy Brewington."There is just too many things they can get into, I just believe they need supervision from their parents."

Social networks can be a great meeting place for teens but it also be very dangerous. Most parents agree that age 14 is the right age for kids to be online. Facebook set the minimum age to 13 but some kids lie about their age to get online putting the responsibility on the parents.

"I think it's a hard thing for parents to monitor anything the way communication is anymore, it's just a daily process," said Jonesboro resident, Coy Thompson.

Mother, Alicia Riley said kids should wait until they're 15 or 16 before they open a social media account. She said her kids are a little younger so he is constantly monitoring their activity.

"I make sure I have all the passwords to their account that way if someone says 'hey I've seen this on their account' I can go back and look," Riley said.

Jonesboro Police suggest parents become familiar with privacy settings and keep a close eye on who their child befriends.

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