Pizza delivery man researches the influence of weather on tips

Pizza delivery man researches the influence of weather on tips

PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT) - The weather affects us in many different ways, but could it be affecting the way you tip when you order food?

One Region 8 resident says that it does and he has the research to prove it.

Tim Snavely of Paragould is a student at Arkansas State University working as a pizza delivery driver at Domino's.

Starting this year Snavely decided to make it his New Years resolution to keep track of the tips he makes on his deliveries and comparing it to time, day, distance, and even the weather.

Snavely said, "I only work Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday, and for Tuesday for example the tips are a lot higher than what they are on the other 3 days."

With everything on his research contributing to how he is tipped Snavely said that the weather plays a big factor, especially when it starts to rain, snow, or sleet.

Snavely said, "Whenever it rains more we get about, 30-35 cents more than what the average is and whenever it's like snowing and sleeting it's like 60-70 cents more than average."

Snavely said that as he goes through the week he knows what days to expect now to be making more money than others thanks to his extensive research, which now includes over 1,258 deliveries over the past 7 months, but Snavely said there is one perfect situation to be in for the best tips.

Snavely said, "I want it to be a Tuesday, I want it to be raining outside, I'd rather it be snowing outside, but I doubt that would happen in the middle of July, and I want people to be ordering from 6 to 8 in the evening because that is when people tip the best also."

Snavely said he plans to stick to his new years resolution and continue his research all the way until the end of the year.

At that time Snavely plans to graduate with a degree in Psychology from ASU and then either pursue a job in his field of study or go for his masters.

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