Proposed sales tax increase in MO for transportation projects

Proposed sales tax increase in MO for transportation projects

DUNKLIN COUNTY, MO (KAIT) – Missouri residents will vote August 5 on Amendment 7, a ¾ of a cent sales tax increase proposed for more than 800 statewide transportation projects.

Expanding U.S. Highway 412 from two lanes to four lanes is one of the projects proposed if voters approve Amendment 7.

MoDOT Transportation Project Manager Eric Krapf said the expansion would begin at the intersection of Routes O and Y and Highway 412 going toward the Missouri-Arkansas border.

The money from the tax would fund $4.8 billion worth of transportation projects throughout Missouri. The tax could only be used for transportation purposes, and it would sunset in 10 years.

The list of proposed projects is the result of months of meetings with transportation planning organizations and the general public across Missouri.

"Route 412 is a very busy road, important for commerce and the local economy and what we've seen is that it's just approaching the limits of its capacity. So expanding to a four-lane facility would help address capacity needs on the road and also address safety concerns that we have on the route."

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