Lemonade stand to help human trafficking victims

Lemonade stand to help human trafficking victims

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Some of Region 8's younger citizens are stepping up to make a difference in the lives of others, and they’re doing it with lemonade.

Two 11-year-old girls, Caroline Averitt and Betsy Johnson, set up a lemonade stand at Nettleton and Frierson in Jonesboro. The money they raise will go to help save the lives of victims of human trafficking.

Betsy said they first got the idea in church and that everyone should do what they can to help others.

“I was in church and our youth pastor was telling us about how we should make a difference,” said Caroline.

“A couple of years ago, Caroline and I decided we wanted to start an organization and raise some money for different causes each year,” said Betsy. “And we just thought a lemonade stand was a fun idea and would be an easy way to raise money.”

The first year the girls opened their lemonade stand they raised money for the American Cancer Society. The second year they raised money for Country Garden, which helps give children school supplies.

This year they are working to raise money for the “End It” movement. The money is used to end human trafficking and slavery around the world.

It is $90 to save one person, and so far Betsy and Caroline have raised enough to save two people.

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