Strong storm brings down numerous power poles, stops traffic in South Jonesboro

Strong storm brings down numerous power poles, stops traffic in South Jonesboro

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Eleven power poles, either leaning, snapped or lying completely across East Parker Road, stopped traffic on Highway 63 Monday afternoon.

Strong winds brought the lines down that carry 69,000 volts.

The situation was a bit worse than normal downed lines, as those are a transmission and distribution line.

Jonesboro CWL estimates 1,500 to 2,000 CWL customers were without power on the south end of town.

Kevan Inboden with CWL said the storm knocked out part of their south substation resulting in outages in the Brown's Lane area, Highland Drive and Caraway. Parker Road Walmart as well as hotels behind the old NEA Baptist Memorial Hospital were also without power.

While traffic on Highway 63 resumed, access to East Parker Road was blocked into the night as was the Willow Street Bypass. No cars were allowed to go over the bypass as power lines drape across the roadway. Poles were down on East Parker.

After surveying the damage, crews were able to get the supplies they needed when a second storm blew through Jonesboro.

They began working on the downed poles during the tail end of that storm to restore power to the area.

Around 9pm Monday, Inboden estimated 15-20 were still without power in that area. Mostly, commercial buildings were affected.

Those poles, that are 75-100 feet tall, will have to be set and re strung but Inboden said CWL is already discussing rebuilding power poles in that area as the poles are out in the open and vulnerable to strong storms.

Inboden said it will take a minimum of two days to completely fix the power poles but crews will make temporary fixes until that time.

Inboden hoped those still without power Monday night would be back on Tuesday morning.

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