Recent weather helping some crops while hurting others

HARRISBURG, AR (KAIT) - Some crops in Region 8 have flourished while others have had a rough season.

Gene Crouch is a farmer here in Region 8 and said that some of his crops this year are running behind due to the amount of rain we've been having this Summer.  Crouch said that he wasn't able to plant his soybeans as early as he wanted because the rain kept him from getting into his fields.  Crouch remarked, "beans in July the 15th should be knee high and they're six inches high you know so they are delayed, but the varieties we have maybe they will still do ok."

Crouch noted though that he is lucky compared to some others that are South of him due to the amount of rain that they received over the past months keeping them from even planting, "Farmers south of me, Fair Oaks on down in there. They got major problems, they're trying to plant beans and it rains every other day, but our crops all over it's fair."

Even though there are some crops out there across the region struggling this summer there are others that our flourishing.

Crouch said, "Big corn...  they don't have to water corn as much if they get a lot of rains on them, little beans don't require much water at this stage.  Uh, the water the water does help the pumping bill a little bit on rice. Other than that, it's the only thing I can say cause it delayed the wheat for a month and a half.

Now that there is relief in the rain and cooler weather, Crouch said that it will actually help his crops: "Well, beans like cool weather, cool nights, dampness. I don't think it will hurt our rice, this is good if nothing else for me, you know you, we like this."

Farmers hope to see the improving weather continue as we make our way closer to fall.

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