CWL crews still repairing power lines after Monday's storm

CWL crews still repairing power lines after Monday's storm

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - City Water and Light crews are still cleaning up the aftermath of Monday night's storm.

Two roadways, the Willow Road overpass and East Parker Road between Industrial and 3701 E. Parker at the Caterpillar facility, remain closed.

Strong winds damaged 11 power poles and left almost 2,000 CWL customers without power Monday.

Kevan Inboden with CWL said crews restored power in the area around 2 a.m. Tuesday.

"When I first saw the damage, I thought it could be days until the customers right around that damaged area would have electricity," Inboden said. "But our crews worked very hard and came up with some really good ideas to get some temporary infrastructure built in that area and get those folks back on."

Inboden said CWL has all of its available crews on Parker Road repairing wooden power poles and putting up stronger, metal poles to guard the power line against future straight-line winds.

"It was a very robust and strong line, but for some reason in that area, we've had a lot of straight-line wind damage over the years," Inboden said. "We're going to beef that line up even more than it has been in the past so hopefully if we have an event like this again, the line will withstand more weather-type events and we won't have to deal with this issue as often."

Inboden hopes to reopen the two roadways Wednesday night. Until then, he asks drivers to avoid the area.

"We have these power lines that carry a lot of electricity, we have a lot of equipment, we have a lot of workers in that area," Inboden said. "For our crew's safety and traveler's safety, they just need to stay clear of that area if at all possible."

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