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Dog that attacked little girl spared from euthanasia


It was June 29 when Justin Marshall's daughter Morgan was outside playing on Monson Turnpike Road in Ware.

Moments later, an Australian Shepherd and Siberian Husky mix named Junior left his backyard while his owner's daughter was exiting through the gate and came face-to-face with Marshall's daughter.

It was at that moment when something happened that caused the dog to bite the 6-year-old in her right forearm.

"The dog came out, grabbed her by the arm and brought her to the ground," Marshall said. 

His daughter was left with gashes in her arm.

It took 17 stitches on the outside and 15 on the inside to treat her wounds.

"The wounds still haven't closed. The stitches came out, but she can't use her right arm mostly," Marshall said. 

The dog's owner, Jennifer Ramos, said this is the first time her dog has been involved in this type of incident.

"No, he is 3 years old and raised around kids," Ramos said.

The Ware select board was presented with two options for Junior's future Tuesday night; either have the dog put down or place restrictions on him including wearing a muzzle at all times when not on the owner's property.

In a 3-1 vote board members decided against putting the dog to sleep.

They said, under the Chapter 40, Section 157 of the town's laws, the dog was considered a "dangerous dog" and must be confined to the premises.

They select board said their decision will be strictly enforced by the animal control officer.

They told the owner that the dog needs to be chained up at all times when inside her yard and muzzled when being removed from the property.

Tuesday night's ruling brought relief to Junior's owners.

"There would've been a war if they said euthanize the dog. I would've fought it tooth and nail," Ramos said. 

But the decision brought disappointment to Morgan's parents.

"Disgusted actually, these people don't have homeowners insurance, can't take care of their dogs, get to keep their dog after my daughter is going to have to go through the rest of her life dealing with this," Marshall said.

As dog owners themselves, the Marshalls said it is a lesson learned for every other dog owner to take precautions when it comes to your pets so another family doesn't have to go through what they've have had to endure.

"(It's important) to be careful. It's traumatic. It's awful, and there's nothing you can do," said Shelley Marshall, the victim's mother.

The dog's owner says she has already taken measures to secure Junior.

As for Morgan, her dad says she has some surgeries in her future to repair her arm.

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