Local police dealing with patrol car malfunctions

Local police dealing with patrol car malfunctions

TYRONZA, AR (KAIT)- Tyronza police are dealing with a shortage in cars after the engines of two units blew out.

Mayor Marion Bearden claims Bay, Marked Tree and Parkin are also dealing with a shortage in police units because of engine problems. The Tyronza Police Department has had to replace three engines in two different cars. At one point, both cars were in the shop, putting police in a tough position.

"Whenever I'm down to one vehicle which I've been in the recent days, I'm not able to go out and back up my officers that are out working or patrolling," said Police Chief Tony Turner. When one car was in the shop, Turner said they were able to borrow a car from Marked Tree.

"There have been times where there are two officers in one car out patrolling," he said.

Turner said they change their oil every 3,000 miles but the Chrysler maintenance handbook suggests the oil in Dodge Charger police units be changed every 350 hours of engine run time, not by miles. So far the city has paid out nearly $5,000 dollars to replace one motor and is being charged $6,100 to get the same motor rebuilt.

"We can't afford to continue replacing motors, we can't afford to have our cars in the shop continuously being repaired.," said Mayor Marion Bearden. "We're not the only department that has experienced this problem, we have found about 9 motors that have gone down in police units."

Bearden worried her residents will be left vulnerable if police don't have reliable transportation. The city discussed buying a new car at the last city council meeting. 

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