Trumann Arkansas Pet Savers foster, find homes for strays

Trumann Arkansas Pet Savers foster, find homes for strays

TRUMANN, AR (KAIT) - A group of Region 8 animal lovers is working with the City of Trumann to improve the quality of life for strays and find the animals permanent homes.

Dayna Gossett is a nurse by day and "pet saver" by night. She is a member of Trumann Arkansas Pet Savers, or TAPS, the volunteer group that approached Trumann Mayor Sheila Walters and the city council about upgrading the city dog pound and starting a foster care and adoption program for strays.

The dogs have a 10-day limit at the pound before the animal control officer has to euthanize them. Gossett said Trumann's animal control officer regularly calls TAPS to let the members know about dogs approaching the end of their time limits.

"They saw the need. We saw the need. We pulled together as a community," she said. "If we think we can find them a home or get them a foster they've been real good to give us some time to set that up."

Three months after volunteers came together to form TAPS, a new dog pound is about two weeks away from its completion date, August 1.

"Within the facility we will have 18 stalls so that we can separate our different variety of dogs. We want to keep the small ones in an area and of course the medium size and the large size," said Mayor Sheila Walters. "The complete exterior of the dog pound will have chain link fencing. We'll have a gate to be able to get in and mow, but our animals will be able to go out daily and play and run and romp."

The current dog pound has eight units and is inaccessible to public. "It's by our police firing range and our water sewer plant. There are too many chemicals out there and the potential for somebody to get hurt," said Mayor Walters.

TAPS has saved 23 dogs and found permanent homes for 13 of them. Group members serve as foster pet owners for the ones that have not yet been adopted.

Gossett encourages anyone who wants to get involved with the effort to visit the group's Facebook page or call the mayor's office at (870) 483-5355.

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