New security at courthouse in Cross Co.

New security at courthouse in Cross Co.

WYNNE, AR (KAIT)-Cross County is adding more security measures to the courthouse.

This process has been in the works for the past few months and on Tuesday the new safety measures will be complete. Cross County Judge Jack Caubble said a law was passed in 2007 regarding security measures in a courthouse and thanks to some grant money the county can finally make those changes.

"Cameras for security measures all over the courthouse and now we're putting in ID scans when employees come in you will be able to identify them, they will have a badge," Caubble told Region 8 News.

He said they wanted to make sure they monitor all doors accessible to the public and limit access to one location. Caubble said the doors of the courthouse are now more secure with new locks. In the event of an emergency, the doors will automatically lock unless there is a fire.

"It's sad we have to do things like this that we cant leave our doors unlocked," he said.

Every office will also have an alert button that sends a text to everyone in the building if there is an emergency. When pushed the button also alerts police. Caubble said he has applied for more grant money to make even more security upgrades.

"It seems like every day you hear of something different going on either in a school, hospital or courthouse," Cauble said. "We want to prevent it before it happens."

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