Renovations at ASU's Convocation Center

Renovations at ASU's Convocation Center

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – The red steps at the Arkansas State University Convocation Center are gone, but they'll soon be back.

Construction crews were hard at work replacing the steps of the red entrance on Monday.

Brad Pietz with ASU's Convocation Center said this is something they needed for some time.

"The steps have been a little bit of a nuisance in the past 27 years with dirt washing out from underneath and the steps actually falling, sinking and breaking.  This year we've actually put in concrete pillars that the steps are gonna be sat on," said Pietz.

Pietz also said next year will begin phase three of their renovations.

ASU will be finishing out the two upper decks of seats and also will redo the auditorium, courtyard and meeting rooms.

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