Tips for buying your teen's first car

PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT) - There are plenty of reasonable options to choose from when buying your teen's first car, according to a Consumer Reports article.

Bayird Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram of Paragould General Manager Jon Moore said cars being equipped with the latest technology is the main concern for most teens, citing examples of cars parking themselves and reading texts messages to the drivers.

"As technologies move forward I think that the affordability has definitely come down and they're putting them into a safety and convenience package," Moore said.

He advised parents to check first for safety features that manufacturers have been making for several years, such as side curtain airbags. "I think it's really important. A lot of accidents are side collision."

He also recommended asking car dealers about run-flat tires, the tires designed not to deflate immediately when punctured.

"(The) last thing you want to do is have an inexperienced driver have a flat and they're pulling off on the wrong part of the road."

He said if the latest technology is a must-have, get features that will help, not increase the teen's risk of danger.

"At least with the bluetooth, it will pair to their phone. They can leave it laying next to them, still have the conversation they're going to have, but they can keep their hands on the wheel."

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