Potential rain may dampen sport plans

Potential rain may dampen sport plans

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - This summer has come with cooler weather, but also a lot more rain than usual.

Due to the amount of rain we've had it has led to a few problems for the youth sport programs.  

Some parks around Region 8 are fairing better than others, but the rain has caused a lot of problems by games being canceled.

Evan Henry with Joe Mack Campbell Park in Jonesboro said, "It does harm for our profits and I know the kids get upset, I know from when I was younger I used to play and getting out here and getting ready and all of a sudden it starts raining and so I believe it's hurt us a lot."

Henry said that games at the park were being canceled due to the heavy rains, but luckily they weren't having many problems with tournaments being canceled, which can be major contributors to funding.

Not all of the parks in Jonesboro have been fairing as well as Joe Mack though, Sharron Turman with Southside Softball Complex said that they have had a rough Summer.

Turman said, "We had seven tournaments rained out, actually four of them were our major fund raising tournaments that we had rained out this year."

Turman said that these tournaments that they host really add up as each single tournament could bring in anywhere from one-seven thousand dollars in one weekend between the concessions and the admission.

The softball complex isn't the only group hurting from canceling the tournaments either.

Turman said, "A lot of these tournaments, people had motel rooms booked and restaurants, it affects everybody."

Not only did the softball complex run into problems with the weather causing tournament cancellations, but it was damaging the field as well.

Turman said, "We've actually had to haul in extra dirt and extra in-field conditioner and they've really had to take extra care of the fields this Summer."

With these events being so vital in Jonesboro it is important that the weather cooperates when the time comes to throw out the pitch and Turman said that as they head into the Fall season they plan to host more tournaments to make up for the lost money.

Sharon said that they are still making up for Summer games at the complex when the season would've usually ended in June and she hopes that the nicer weather that has currently come along will continue into the Fall.

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