City to revamp old YMCA building in Jonesboro

City to revamp old YMCA building in Jonesboro

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The Parks and Recreation Pool Center in Jonesboro is getting a facelift.

Plans are underway to revamp the old YMCA building located on West Nettleton next to the Southwest Church of Christ and fire station two.

The building is currently dark and bare, almost resembling a haunted house. But when the renovations are complete, the city's Parks and Recreation assistant director said it should be a bright, family-friendly facility.

"We'll end up with four offices, a new conference room for the sports staff to be able to have meetings with coaches, be able to meet with the public," Danny Kapales said. "This area will also have a family restroom."

This is phase one of the project. The city approved Brackett Krennerich Architect's plans and will open construction bids Monday at a City Hall meeting at 2 p.m. Mayor Harold Perrin said the city budgeted up to $250,000 and hopes to break ground on phase one by the fall.

Phase two is not set in stone, but Kapales and the architects have a vision.

"This room will be set up for birthday parties," Kapales said. "We're going to remodel the gym floor, take out this main wall, the second floor, everything's going to come out. It will end up being two gym floors for volleyball, basketball, indoor soccer, any other event that we can do inside."

"That's going to be expensive," Perrin said.

Mayor Perrin does not know how expensive phase two will be until he sees the architect's plans, and he said he will not approve plans without asking what the community wants.

"Do we need more volleyball courts on the inside to work with, do we need more basketball courts," Perrin said.

Mayor Perrin said he will ask these questions and more during his weekly ward meetings starting in September. No matter what the community and the Parks and Recreation department decide, Mayor Perrin said the budget for phase two is tight.

"For 2015 and 2016 because the public safety sales tax won't be there," Perrin said. "That's $7 million out of our revenue stream."

Mayor Perrin hopes to have a figure on phase two by the end of the year and complete construction by 2016. He did not know a completion date for phase three.

"The third phase will be what's upstairs," Kapales said. "The upstairs will be a storage area for all of our sports equipment, just getting things out of the way and having a good, safe environment for the equipment to stay."

Jonesboro's Chief Building Officer, Terry Adams, said the former YMCA was renovated a few times, but the city did not find any structural issues during recent inspections.

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