Stranger pays for Western Sizzlin' customers' meals

Stranger pays for Western Sizzlin' customers' meals

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Eight customers at Western Sizzlin' in Jonesboro did not pay for their meals Friday.

But they did not dine and dash. A fellow customer fronted their bills.

"It was scary and surprising," kitchen supervisor Dennis Horner said. "Some guy came up to me and said, 'I want to feed the next people in line.' I said, 'Yes, sir.'"

The mystery donor handed Horner a $100 bill and he gave it to the cashier.

"We were checking some more people out in line and one of our managers comes up and says, 'No , no. Don't make them pay,'" said Kirsten Millsap, a cashier and waitress. "The customers were like, 'Why is it for free?' We told them and they were like, 'That's so awesome! We can get whatever we want!' They were really appreciative of it. It was a great interruption to our day."

Millsap said the donor was a regular customer and did not make a scene about his surprise gesture.

"He gave us a thumbs up, we gave him a thumbs up and he walked out the door," Millsap said.

Horner said the man not only fed eight very satisfied customers, but also made quite the impression on the staff.

"It was like he was God," Horner said. "He was like a present."

"People have paid for other customers meals here before, but it's never been that much money," Millsap said. "It was really neat to see."

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