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Maynard, AR

Offbeat: Tons of Twins in Maynard

November 23, 2004-- 5:30 p.m. CST

MAYNARD, AR--At first glance Maynard High School's boys basketball team looks a lot like any other team, but a closer look might have you doing a double take, possibly a triple, double take. You see, six of the 14 players are twins.  

Three sets of twins on one team makes a pretty good story, but that's only the tip of the ice berg at Maynard. You see, there are 12 sets of twins in a school of 490 students, plus a set in pre-school and some 8 month old twins too. Four sets are identical, others are not so identical, and still others are of opposite sex. 

"It's just a phenomenon to this area, I don't know," said Phil Mielke, Maynard Schools Superintendent. "I don't know there must be something in the water."   

And that's why most of the women in Maynard now drink bottled water.


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