Region 8 School Teaches Students by Shopping and Cooking for Thanksgiving

November 23, 2004 – Posted at 5:54 p.m. CST

JONESBORO -- Most schools will have a special turkey and dressing lunch this week. But students at one Region 8 school are taking the traditional Thanksgiving meal into their own hands.

Students at Concordia Christian School traded in their pen and paper today for potato peelers and measuring cups. Instead of going to class they cooked a Thanksgiving meal. Some of the students learned math at the grocery aisles in Kroger's because somebody had to buy the groceries.

And it was a good lesson to learn according to teacher Mindy Grubbs said, "They had to keep a running estimate of the total cost and we also figured the sales tax."

Even the pre-schoolers pitched in with the green beans. While the others stirred the green beans some added butter. Meanwhile, the decorating committee went to work while the table was set, and then the aroma hit the crowd.

"It smells good! That means it's going to taste good," said one child waiting in line for lunch.

"We're giving thanks for all of our grandparents and our parents and the people in our churches," said Grubbs.

That's why the kids invited them to eat their gourmet meal. Teachers say these special guests are the backbone of the school.

"They do support our school both financially and through prayer and volunteer work," said Grubbs.

Concordia Christian School hosted about 75 people for the meal.