Lengthy Investigation Frustrates Miles Family Members

November 23, 2004 -- Posted at 6:30 p.m. CST

GILMORE -- The streets of Gilmore are quiet today.

Few cars pass, but there's a painful question lingering over this small community......who killed Patricia Ann Miles?

Patricia Ann Miles body was found dead in a bean field in Mississippi County in mid August.

Still, no murder charges have been filed.

Family member Reginald Robertson says he is not getting many answers.

"They have not shown us results or nothing. They should have someone directly coordinating with the family so that we don't hear rumors and speculations out in the community,"said Robertson.

He says Patricia's golden spirit follows him around everywhere he goes.

He sees the twinkle in the eyes of other seven year olds, and it makes him think of his beloved Patricia.

"Even her little nieces and nephews ask us why, and there is no one to tell us why,"said Robertson.

Several months have now passed since the death of young Patricia Ann Miles.

As the holidays approach, family members say it's difficult to celebrate when they have lost so much.

"She was born on Christmas Eve, so we would be buying Christmas even presents right now,"said Robertson.

"Instead they will spend the holidays without Patricia, her life cut short by an unknown killer.