Cooler weather contributes to lower electric bills

Cooler weather contributes to lower electric bills

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - This summer has brought with it much cooler temperatures than usual and plenty of rain.  With these two factors working together, it has helped to keep prices down for electricity.

Residents around Region 8 have noticed the drop in the temperatures and some have noticed a drop in their electric bill because of those temperatures as well.

Tressa Davis of Craighead county said, "The weather has not been as hot, so it has not made the bills you know, as last Summer."

But, not everyone in Region 8 has seen the drop in the bills, Emily Crook of Craighead county said, "Its actually been about the same, I'm one that normally leaves it at about 75 during the day, then I'll turn it down at night."

Despite the fact that she hasn't seen a change in the bill Crook did say that the weather has been nice.

Monty Williams with Craighead Electric said that he's noticed a big difference as well. 
Williams said, "Our Kilowatt per hour sales are down, but the real thing its affected is our demand and it's down about 28 percent compared to what it was this last year."

Williams said that it wasn't because the air conditioners weren't running, but that they are not needing to run as often with the cooler temperatures.

Williams said, "A 70 degree day your air is probably not even going to come on, 80 degrees it's going to run maybe about 4 or 5 hours a day and then when it gets to about 100 degrees you know its just about going to run all of the time."

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