Formon Defeats Pierce in Jonesboro Mayoral Race

November 24, 2004 -- Posted 1a.m. CST, updated at 8:08 a.m. CST

Jonesboro, AR -- The field for the next Jonesboro Mayor began with seven candidates, then it came down to two, and on Tuesday night Jonesboro voters elected the city's new Mayor in a run-off election.

With hugs and tears, Doug Formon was congratulated by his supporters at a watch party at the Holiday Inn in Jonesboro.

"The numbers are just so large and good for us that we're just super excited right now," said Formon.

Formon defeated challenger and businessman Dan Pierce with 62% of the vote to 38%. His supporters said it's been a tough challenge, but they always knew it was possible. In the general election, Formon also edged out Pierce as the top voter winner.

"I've been married to Doug for 20 years, so I know who he is, he'll stand forth for people and do what's right," said Cyndi Formon.

"I'm extremely proud of my dad," said Formon's daughter Lindsay. "I knew he could make it, and he will bring a new day to city hall, he's going to be great for Jonesboro."

"The thing I found the most with Doug is that he was not above taking suggestions," said campaign communications director Brad Hyde. "He didn't come into this thinking he knew everything."

Now as Mayor, Formon says the budget will be his first order of business, as well as a possible reshuffling of top positions.

"Most of the department heads will stick around," added Formon. "We know the Police Chief will be leaving December 31st, that position will have to be replaced."

The race to the Mayor's office ended with a phone call from challenger Dan Pierce. In a statement Pierce told K8 News: "It was a great win for Doug Formon. The people have spoken. He will be my Mayor just like everyone else. I hope the city unites behind him to keep Jonesboro moving forward."

Formon said he accepted that offer.

"I'm everyone's Mayor now. I'll sit down at the table and we'll work these things out, and we want Jonesboro to grow and continue to grow and be the great city that it is."

Formon will officially take over as Mayor of Jonesboro in January, replacing Hubert Brodell, who is retiring after 18 years as the city's leader.

Meanwhile, run-off races for two Jonesboro city council seats were much closer than the mayor's race.  In the Ward 6, Position 2 race, Jimmy Ashley defeated Richard Carvell by only 150 votes...the final vote tally was 4,710 to 4,562.  In the race for Ward 4, Position 2, Mitch Johnson outpolled Don Mullenix 5,062 to 4,479.