Pair accused of abandoning puppy at apartment complex

Pair accused of abandoning puppy at apartment complex

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – When a couple of women packed up and moved out of their apartment recently, police say they left something behind: their puppy.

Arinn Crawford, 22, and Alfreda Davis, 21, of Jonesboro were each cited with cruelty to animals.

"The first offense is up to a $1,000 and a year in jail," said Officer Mike Owens with Jonesboro Animal Control.

A former neighbor surrendered the puppy to Jonesboro Animal Control after she said it had been "running loose" in the Gladiolus apartment complex. She said the puppy was always trying to come inside when she opened the door, according to the initial incident report.

Officer Jason Fraser confirmed with apartment management that Crawford and Davis had vacated the apartment.

Fraser then tracked down and spoke with Davis and Crawford.

According to the incident report, Crawford claimed they left the dog with a neighbor because they could not take the dog to their new home.

"We see this maybe two to three times a month," said Owens.

Rather than abandoning a pet, there are several organizations in Region 8 that will accept unwanted animals, including:

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