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Police investigating attempted abduction of 5-year-old girl


It was a scary morning for a grandfather who called police after he says someone tried to take his little granddaughter while she was picking flowers.

Kansas City police were called at 11:10 a.m. Thursday to East 28th Street and Prospect Avenue after the 5-year-old girl's grandfather notified them of the incident.

"I told her pick them and come on back," William Washington said.

Washington said he was watching little T-aNiya play when a man driving a gray-colored car rolled up, and reversed and tried to talk to her.

"He started talking to her and I started running and he took off down the street. I asked her questions and she said ‘he kept telling me ‘Do you know Kelly? Come here, come here. I guess they panicked and drove off," he said.

Both the grandfather and T-aNiya's mother – who had to take a test for school that day – were frantic when police came to take an attempted abduction report.

"I dropped everything. This is my only kid, she's all I got," said mother Tiffany Jefferson.

Jefferson said she's proud her little girl knew not to talk to the stranger and she's thankful T-aNiya's grandpa was right there watching.

"We listen to our parents and just don't talk to strangers," T-aNiya said.

Police got to the home in a matter of minutes and looked through the neighborhood, but did not find anyone matching the description.

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