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Faces of Kansas City: Young chef making name for himself


There's a young chef making a name for himself in the Kansas dining scene and his story almost didn't happen.

Chef Vince Paredes learned how to cook even before he stepped into a culinary classroom.

"The biggest thrill is cooking something that I've never cooked before and having it come out better than expected," he said.

As a boy Paredes would watch his mother take ordinary ingredients and turn them into something delicious. It's a talent he tries to replicate in his own kitchen.

"Yes. My mother. She was a big influence on me. She saw that I wanted to do it, and she kept me motivated. She always said that one day I'm going to surpass her, but that's not true because there's so many dishes she can make that I can't," he said.

Paredes never intended to be a chef, thinking that cooking was for women, but his passion won out and he began to see he wasn't alone.

"As I grew older and started paying attention, I started figuring out that more and more chefs were male, that it was more of a male-dominated industry, so that was a little bit more comforting. But, at the same time, I still respect my mother, where she came from and all that she knows," he said.

Paredes' name is on various championships, but he says he cooks to please the people. That's his measure of success.

No matter how far he goes in his career, he says he'll always keep on learning just like he did as a boy.

"I like to constantly challenge myself, push myself, and again it's one of those things, you want to keep learning. That's why I say some people have it and some don't as far as that cooking aspect goes, you want to keep learning and improving yourself," Paredes said.

Paredes recently won the Chef's Classic - Knock OUT ‘Bout, a fundraiser for St. Paul's School. You can try his cooking at Metropolitan KC in Kansas City Marriott Downtown.

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