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Man arrested in 'sniper van' case seeks medical transfer

There are new developments in the arrest of two men caught with a van that one former FBI agent said appeared to be rigged for assassination.

One of the defendants in federal custody has asked the court to move him to a different facility because of his health.

It was a shocking discovery in Old Metairie two-and-a-half months ago: a gutted van with two cut-out windows and a semi-automatic rifle.

One of the men arrested, 72-year-old Dominick Gullo, filed an emergency motion last week to be transferred to a medical facility. In the motion, Gullo's attorney said he has been in "severe decline" since his arrest. After the motion was filed, Gullo went to a hospital for treatment of complications from heart disease and blood disorders. He was treated and released back to the prison.

Gullo, who was the first manager of the Star Casino at Southshore Harbor, is being held without bond along with Joseph Gagliano. The two were stopped in the van with a stolen license plate in May 7. Former New Orleans FBI special agent in charge Jim Bernazzani said the van was outfitted with two kitchen chairs, a semi-automatic rifle, a silencer and a length of bomb fuse

"I know there are allegations of ties to organized crime, certainly there's physical evidence, relative to the van, the window, and the weapon, and the silencer. They're not deer hunting," said former FBI Special Agent in Charge Jim Bernazzani.

Gagliano has a criminal history, having been sentenced to three-and-a-half years in prison in the mid-90s in the worldwide gaming case. It was a case in which federal prosecutors alleged mob involvement in the state's then-fledgling video poker industry. During the trial, the FBI testified that Gagliano was once recorded asking a New York crime boss how to handle someone who wouldn't pay a $10,000 debt. Gagliano was told, "That's how our guys get killed. That's how we take care of people like that. That's how they find people in the trunks of cars."

"The Worldwide gaming case was about an organization that was greedy and foolish," said Bernazzani.

Now, Gagliano faces a two-count indictment for being a felon with a firearm and a silencer. The judge denied bond because "Defendant is a danger to the community based on the nature of the offense."

Gullo remains jailed in the St Charles Parish Prison on a federal charge of having an unregistered silencer. A judge denied his request to be transferred to a medical facility after the court found that his care was adequate.

The FBI was initially called in on this case, but it's now being investigated by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, due to the alleged weapons violations.

A trial date for Gagliano and Gullo has been set for next month.

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