City leaders, volunteers clean Region 8 town

City leaders, volunteers clean Region 8 town

WALNUT RIDGE, AR (KAIT) - City leaders got their hands dirty on Thursday by cleaning the town.

Mayor Don House, fire fighters, police officers and city employees worked side by side with community volunteers at Stewart Park.

Ed Lawson with the Walnut Ridge City Council said the crew was busy painting, laying down safety mulch and putting roofs on the dug outs and pavilions.

"It would be a great thought for other cities to encourage their citizens and just to have a special day each year to come out and put out some donated labor and it doesn't take a whole lot of materials and you can just make a substantial difference in just a day," said Lawson.

Walnut Ridge Mayor Don House said projects like these are necessary for a community to move on.

"Any kind of community project, whether it's a park or something else that people are involved in is certainly a positive move," said Mayor House. "But to get the public involved and to get everyone working together is the cohesion I think that every city wants."

About 80 people came out to work in the park.

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