Grant approved for new tornado sirens in Senath

Grant approved for new tornado sirens in Senath

SENATH, MO (KAIT) – The City of Senath has received a grant to install two new tornado sirens.

Senath Mayor Joe Lane said the siren Senath has had for the past eight years is working adequately, but he wants to install additional sirens so residents can better hear the warnings.

"The project is $56,000 and some odd dollars. We got a 75 percent grant, which is $42,000. The city will have to pay $14,000, and if we can save one life $14,000 is a small number," he said.

Senath resident Eric Nino, who lives about half a mile away from the current siren, said he has trouble hearing the warning from his house.

"You can't hear it real loud, just barely," he said. "I think that would be great because we don't usually hear it real loud over on this side.”

Mayor Lane said one siren will be installed on the north end of Senath where Eric lives. The other will be installed on the south end of town near Senath-Hornersville schools.

"This is very important for our people. A lot of storms as we all know come through. So maybe we can be a heads-up on it."

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