Nettleton alumni say goodbye to old high school

Nettleton alumni say goodbye to old high school

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Alumni from Nettleton High School walked the halls of the Annex building Saturday one last time.

The Nettleton High School Annex Building has been there for nearly 63 years but it hasn't always been the Annex. From 1951 to 1968 the building was the Nettleton High School people like Danny Honnoll remember.

"I can walk in the hallways and in my mind remember the old class pictures on the wall. I remember what teacher was in which room and the classes I took. It will be a little bit nostalgic and will probably pull a tear or two because this is the last remaining building from '68 and beyond," said Alumnus Danny Honnell.

A devastating tornado that took the lives of 34 people back in 1968 caused Honnoll's class to be the last to graduate from that particular building. It's now the only building still standing after that storm.

"It was messed up real bad," said Honnell. "There was National Guard guarding the building that's how bad it was damaged."

The wind storm on June 5th caused a lot of damage to the building, which led to the decision to tear it down verses repairing it.

The demolition of the building is set for September 1st.

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