Police: Possibly gang-related shooting in Jonesboro

Police: Possibly gang-related shooting in Jonesboro

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Shots were fired inside Jonesboro city limits early Sunday morning, and police believe it may have been gang-related.

According to a police report, police were called out to the 3100-block of Race Street around 3:05 in the morning in reference to shots fired. The report said when they arrived on scene, a couple told them they heard about five gunshots and when they got up they found a bullet hole in their living room wall.

When police searched the scene they found several bullet holes in the house, including one that went through an exterior wall and hit a wall in the kitchen. There was also bullet holes found in a car that was parked in the carport. Lt. Steve McDaniel with Jonesboro Police Department said there are signs that indicate gang activity in a particular neighborhood.

"Typically if there are gangs around they like to mark their territory," he said. "Everyone's seen some gang graffiti at one time or another so certainly those are things we look out for."

McDaniel said they occasionally see signs of gang activity in Jonesboro.Officers were also told some of the people involved in this incident were "blood" and "crip" gang members.

According to the report by the Jonesboro Police Department, the suspect is described as a 17-year-old boy.Neighbors told Region 8 News they are concerned about the violence because there are a lot of children in the area.

"We receive a variety of calls on the Race Street area of course there is a business district there and just east of there is a residential area," McDaniel told Region 8 News.

The report also stated that witnesses said there was an altercation earlier at the McDonald's on Red Wolf Boulevard that may have sparked the incident. If anyone suspects gang activity in a particular area, McDaniel urges them to call police.

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