JPD: Crooks cashing in with counterfeit cash

JPD: Crooks cashing in with counterfeit cash

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – Jonesboro police say some funny money ought to be in pictures. That’s because it’s only made for the movies.

At first glance, the $100 bills look realistic, even to veteran police officers.

"If it's just passed along and the person doesn't check it, it can be passed very easily as a real bill," Det. Jason Simpkins said. 

But, take a closer look and instead of "The United States of America," you'll see the words "For Motion Picture Use Only." The fake movie money also omits "In God We Trust" from the bill.

Sgt. Doug Formon, public information officer with the Jonesboro Police Department, said the fake cash has been used at several businesses throughout Jonesboro, including restaurants, gas stations and barber shops.

Simpkins said the counterfeit bills started popping up July 1. Since then, JPD has recovered $1,000.

Now police are hoping to catch the crooks cashing in on the counterfeit cash.

Simpkins asks local merchants and residents to carefully examine any bills, especially 100s. He said these criminals are taking advantage of employees' oversight.

"That's how we're seeing a lot of these are getting passed," Simpkins said. "Small items will be purchased and they'll pay for it with a $100 bill, under the guise that they're trying to break the money up, they just need to make change or it's all they have."

Simpkins said it is illegal to use and possess these bills. So unless you're making a movie, you're breaking the law.

Formon and Simpkins urge anyone who comes across the counterfeit bills to immediately contact the JPD at (870) 935-5553 or leave an anonymous tip with Crimestoppers at 935-STOP (7867).

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