Region 8 school preparing students with technology

Region 8 school preparing students with technology

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – One Region 8 school is working to make sure their students are prepared for higher education and the workforce.

Each student in the Nettleton Middle School and Junior High will be getting their own Apple MacBook Air. Principal of the Middle School Danna Williams says they've been working on making this happen for a couple of years now.

"For instance, [at] ASU every one of their freshman have to have an IPAD, so even in the colleges and things they are requiring them to have the instruments," said Williams. "So, we have to start you know if we are preparing them for further education."

Williams said the future plan is to work on getting them in the high school next.

"We have worked with the people at Apple trying to get the implementation and the initiative. Making sure that we have everything lined out and we're still hammering out those small details."

She said they hope to have them in everyone's hands after Labor Day.

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