Tax collectors remind residents of deadline, new fees for delinquency

Tax collectors remind residents of deadline, new fees for delinquency

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - If you've yet to pay your personal property or real estate taxes, you have just over two and a half months to pay before becoming delinquent. Tax collectors say a new law to take effect this October could have you shelling out more money if you don't pay on time.

With Craighead County continually growing, so does the amount of tax money collected. Tax Collector Marsha Phillips told Region 8 News that the numbers say it all.

"As far as collecting through June, we are up, from last year, $719,000," Phillips said. "From two years ago, from the 2012's we're up $3 million. $3.4 million."

Phillips said the growth in the county is obvious to just about everyone but said she can tell how the county is growing through business that comes through her office.

"When I first started here there were some slow times," Phillips said. "Now it seems to pick up in January and February because that's when everyone is getting their tax money and they're paying their taxes that maybe they didn't get to pay in October because they didn't have the money."

Phillips said the workload at the beginning of the year is nothing compared to business that comes through in the fall.

"October though is our heavy, heavy, heavy time."

Phillips said that's because tax deadline is October 15.

As it's less than than three months away, Phillips said her office is reminding residents to pay their taxes on time to avoid a 10% penalty.

New laws to take effect this year could also have you shelling out more money if you're delinquent on your real estate taxes.

"Starting October 16, if the real estate's not paid, interest will start accruing on it."

Phillips explained that it is easy to pay your taxes, and her office offers five options to get them paid. She added that you can make multiple payments on your taxes if you can't pay one lump sum.

"But whatever's not paid by October the 15 will go delinquent and penalties will be added to it."

You can

, by mail, in person or at their 24/7 drop box at the Craighead County Courthouse Annex. Phillips said you can also call to pay your taxes at 1-866-257-2055.

Phillips said another added feature allows you to

if you've lost it.

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