Shoppers take advantage of tax free weekend

Shoppers take advantage of tax free weekend

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)- Tax free weekend is here just in time to help parents get their kids ready for school.

This tax free weekend is helping to lighten the financial load of a lot of families. Purchases on August 2nd and 3rd will be exempt from state sales tax and local sales tax. According to the National Retail Federation, families will spend about $670 dollars on back to school shopping.

"We get to save a little money getting ready for school," said parent, Hollie Huckabee.

She decided to get out early Saturday to beat the back to school rush. The mall at Turtle Creek was full of shoppers like Huckabee looking to take advantage of the tax free weekend. 

"We definitely went and bought a backpack  and the lunch box then we just got our basic school supplies of the pencils and the notebooks and the crayons," she said. 

Parent, Laura Padgett said she looks forward to the tax free weekend every year. And as the first day of schools gets closer, she said she will start easing her son back into their school routine.

"Getting up in the mornings sooner, trying to get up in the morning so we can get out the door," she said.

Sixth grader Jaqueline Kingcade has already bought her school supplies and is hoping to find clothes that meet the new dress code.

"It's kind of harder to do it so we're having to make sure and measure the stuff," she said. 

Kingcade attends Hoxie Middle School and looks forward to a new school year.

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