Jonesboro Human Development Center patient arrested for assault

Jonesboro Human Development Center patient arrested for assault

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – A patient of the Jonesboro Human Development Center was arrested after trying to run away from the facility.

According to a Jonesboro police report, officers were called out to the Jonesboro Human Development Center at around 6:40 Saturday night in reference to an assault.

According to the report, 24-year-old Miguel Perez had fought with staff members several times that day. This time he got mad enough to try and run away.

Several staff members were able to eventually catch up with him and tackle him to the ground to try and keep him there. According to the police report, Perez was able to get up and threw one staff member to the ground and kicked him several times. Once he was able to get up, Perez head-butted him and took off running again.

Staff members caught up to him again and tried to take him to the ground. The police report said Perez then grabbed a metal pipe and struck a different care taker in the face. He continued to swing the pipe around, but then got tired and walked back towards the administration building.

The Jonesboro Human Development Center said although he is mentally handicapped, Perez was aware of what he was doing and can understand right from wrong.

Perez is in the Craighead County Jail tonight on a felony battery charge.

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