Tree services busy with storm clean up

Tree services busy with storm clean up

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Storm clean up continues across much of Jonesboro and it isn't just keeping the city busy. Many tree services have not seen a break since the storm hit.

Clint Williams with Williams Tree Service said that they have been busy since even before the storm hit and have been keeping plenty busy since it happened.

The storm came through nearly two months ago now and most of the clean-up being done is still just cutting up trees in yards and on houses.

Tommy Williams with Williams Tree Service said, "Well, we've been doing a lot of storm damage, trees down. Trying to get them off of the ground so people can get their lawns mowed and stuff, get them off of the housing and get the roof put back together."

With all of the work being done on homes around the area, Williams said that they are also working with the city to help clean things up and have been working on schools to be sure that they are clean and safe for when kids and college students return.

Tommy said, "We've been cleaning up ASU campus, we're going to do some of that this afternoon around the football stadium and try to get ready for tailgate parties, we've been cleaning Jonesboro schools up we've got all of those ready to go but one and we'll shortly have it done."

While the clean up was continuing, Tommy said that even more was added to their plate when we have even more storms come through the area, knocking down more trees, adding to the clean up effort.

Tommy said, "There was trees blew down, it wasn't severe as the first one, but we did have trees down we had to stop what we was doing and go back and get some of those out of the way."

Tommy said that his crews have been working hard since this storm hit to get things back to order around Jonesboro and said that he hopes to see things slow down a bit within the next month.

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