No MO prescription database

POPLAR BLUFF, MO (KAIT) - Missouri is the only state in the United States that does not have a prescription database.

A bill designed to monitor prescribed drugs by the Department of Health and Senior Services did not make it out of the Missouri House.

Officers with the Poplar Bluff Police Department feel a prescription database is a must for Missouri.

"This is something that affects the public, it affects families and we need to get something done," said Poplar Bluff Police Chief Danny Whitely. "It also costs tax payers."

Whitely said his department has tried to bring attention to this issue for years especially in Southeast Missouri. Several surrounding states have people who take advantage of Missouri's lack of a database.

"I spoke with the speaker of the house Tim Jones and he said this thing will get through the house," said Whitely. "He feels it will come through there again but they don't want to keep wasting their time if it's just going to get stuck down because of this guy."

According to an article from Saint Louis Today, Senator Rob Schaaf, a family practice physician rejected the bill claiming it infringes on patients freedom. However, Chief Deputy Jeff Rolland believes otherwise.

"If he feels like there are freedoms to be protected than write that into the law," said Rolland. "This is about money, millions and millions of dollars a year and that's what our investigations have revealed."

This problem with prescription drugs is prevalent in Butler County.

"Across the state of Missouri people are losing their lives daily," said Rolland. "In Butler County alone we lose one life to prescription drug overdose deaths every two weeks."

Rolland said it's time for things to change.

"We elect officials to be leaders not followers, so be men and women of courage and honor," said Rolland. "They take an oath just like every officer in the state of Missouri takes an oath, to serve and protect and it's time for that to happen."

Region 8 News tried reaching out to Senator Schaaf and he never responded.

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