Region 8 Historical Organizations Dedicate Marker In Sharp County

November 27, 2004-- Posted at 6:30 p.m. CST

HARDY -- Historical organizations in Region 8 dedicated a marker to remember a significant part of America's history in Sharp County on Saturday.

Danny Honnoll is the president of the NEA Civil War Heritage Trails Committee.

"There was a battle that took place near this spot on on February 8, 1864. This is the 140th year since the battle of Morgan's Mill/Martins Creek,"said Honnoll.

This battle is one of the very few that took place in the area.

"The Yankees were stationed at Batesville, they heard the Confederates were in this area so they came in pursuit and they got into a twelve mile running battle,"said Honnoll.

For some visitors, this historical site has sentimental value.

"My great grandpa climbed up on the barn, and watched the battle, and my parents have been here since 18 and 9,"said visitor Lewis Booth.

Organizers say visitors to the site will have the opportunity to re-live this part of American history.

"They'll see a black marker with silver writing that will tell about the 12 mile running battle between the Federals and the Confederates in the hills of the Ozarks,"said Honnoll.